Friday, May 15, 2009

Catching Up

I have been recovering from surgery on Monday. It's going OK. I think that the hoarseness and roughness of my voice from the intubation is worse than I expected. I'm getting up and around somewhat and am spacing out the pain pills, so I'm doing OK.

It's hard for me to "take it easy." I see something that needs to be done, I usually just do it. I'm thinking up things to do with the computer and things I can do without picking up more than 5 pounds, but it's still hard. I have a substitute preacher -- I don't have to do any sermon prep; so I'm writing in my "Log Cabin Idea Book." I'm up to 130 or so pages, so I have a lot of material.

The kitty cats have been keeping my company. Tucker in particular as he had THAT surgery on Tuesday. I miss my old kitties still, but I do love my Tucker, Johnny and Sugar. Sugar is going to be huge. Her paws are half again as big as Johnny's and she's only 6 months old. I have wanted a Maine Coon for a while and she sure fits that bill. She's still a 'frady cat, so I don't have any new pictures.

I have also been planting my garden in the back with the "point and plant" method -- "Here, Chaos. Plant this there." Works OK until they get bored.

What it looks like now:

We are using the "split open the potting soil bags and plant directly there" method. I am also repurposing the swingset as a big bean pole. I was going to give it away but it is 1) BIG and 2) sorta rotten near the bottom. Therefore, it is now a giant bean pole.

This is what I hope it will look like by the end of the year:

I want to replace the landscaping timbers with rock and add a lanturn and firepit. Maybe even a water feature.

OK, I'm tired. More later.

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