Saturday, May 02, 2009


  • My airport card is on the fritz. It only works when the computer is completely cool. I suppose it's time to go to the Apple store.
  • We have been using the camping trailer as a sort of portable parsonage. It's working out OK. At least it gives us another base of operations.
  • The girls are spending the night with their friend after going to Free Comic Book Day at Galactic Quest.  Looks to be a load of fun today.
  • Cats are cats.  We now have 4 -- and they haven't all decided where their territory is.  We do have a sort of detente. We shall see.
  • I'm having complications from my surgery two years ago.  I get to go consult with another surgeon on Tuesday.  Goody.
  • I'm going to plant my garden on Monday directly in the potting soil bags.  Seems like a great method.  I'll report later with the results.
  • More stuff, but no time.  Later.

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