Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still Recovering

Starting to feel "trapped" by the house. I want to get out, but I don't have lots of energy. I missed my appointment this morning. The appointment card said "Wednesday, May 19th." I thought it was for tomorrow. The scheduling nurse put down the wrong day of the week -- Honest mistake on both our parts. So I'll go in on Thursday for my followup.

I've been working on collecting my ideas for my log cabin project as well as the Portable Parsonage Project (a park model trailer). I wonder sometimes why I spend so much energy doing "pie in the sky by and by" things instead of working in the moment -- so I also have been working on getting my laundry room re-organized (kid labor) and re-designed. It's coming along OK; I actually spray painted my peach baskets red this afternoon and worked a bit on the deck (it's the next project.)

I do like spray paint.

Sugar kitty and I have been bonding. She's almost 6 months old and still very much a kitten. But she sure doesn't look like a kitten! She's about 7 to 8 pounds and her paws are huge. She's still very scared of everything and very needy. Here's some pictures.

What do you mean I have big paws, hooman?

Sugar on the bed -- I am the lump in the bed...

Big eyes. Big paws.

Well, I haven't even looked up the text for the week, much less had deep and insightful comments to make on the text... so until later.

Next time: Princess the Prissy.

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