Thursday, February 09, 2006

I am blessed

There are times that I realize I am extraordinarily blessed. I am blessed with a very supportive spouse who I love beyond words. I have healthy well behaved (well, in public well behaved) children who are beautiful and unique personalities and very attractive, as well (if I do say so myself.)

We have a nice home, not extremely well picked up all the time, but warm, comfortable and inviting. I get to go to school (yeah!) I have a wonderful position at the church. It's exciting, rewarding, fulfilling, invigorating. I enjoy the people in my congregation so very much. There are some that I have come to dearly love. I love my senior pastor -- I love the way he and I bounce ideas off each other and somehow become more than the sum. I've learned so much from this church and from him.

And there are no buts today. I'm just feeling effusive. And grateful to God.

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