Monday, February 20, 2006

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Not only do I think that women pastor differently, and perhaps preach differently, I think we sometimes are more sensitive to the climates within our congregations. The climate in my Gwinnett county church is distinctly different than the climate in the DeKalb county church I grew up in. Not only was the denomination more conservative, the society was more conservative. I grew up in an area that had been stable for a long time with pretty conservative people, theologically and politically.

I now bop back and forth between the liberal atmosphere of Emory to Conservative Gwinnett County. (Hmm... is there any other Gwinnett County?) The atmospheres are so distinctly different. Inside the perimeter, at the smaller, more established churches, women seem to be accepted with little qualm. Here is Gwinnett, things are different. Just as we want our corporate structures to be led by males, we want our churches led by males. Church is not a place of refuge and sanctuary for an aging congregation here -- it's an exciting, growing happening. But at what cost.

I have watched the previews for The Second Chance. I want to see it in the next few days. I wonder if those tensions will be brought out in this movie. More later.

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