Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Transcript

Of a deep theological conversation on Real Live Preacher's site. Enjoy.

[church nerd] 9:01 pm: it would be easy to make a big loop and visit everyone on my frappr map
[reverend mommy] 9:02 pm: I think you should do it in a canoe.
[church nerd] 9:02 pm: i like canoes
[reverend mommy] 9:02 pm: while wearing blue.
[reverend mommy] 9:03 pm: and playing the kazoo.
[tglaser] 9:03 pm: i live on the ohio-erie canal, nerd, and i think rick lives near it too...
[church nerd] 9:03 pm: i play a mean kazoo
[reverend mommy] 9:04 pm: but no tutu.
[church nerd] 9:04 pm: no tutu??!!?? then the trip is off
[reverend mommy] 9:04 pm: fine. In a tutu.
[reverend mommy] 9:04 pm: hold pots of glue.
[reverend mommy] 9:05 pm: looking for a clue
[reverend mommy] 9:05 pm: warding off the flu
[enz] 9:05 pm: ah-choo
[church nerd] 9:05 pm: with a new hairdo?
[reverend mommy] 9:05 pm: impersonating a Jew
[HotAnorak] 9:05 pm: Hope you don't catch the flu
[church nerd] 9:05 pm: watching Dr Who?
[reverend mommy] 9:06 pm: Dr. Who!
[tglaser] 9:06 pm: a televangelist hairdo
[reverend mommy] 9:06 pm: Boop Boop de doo.
[church nerd] 9:06 pm: doing kung fu
[reverend mommy] 9:06 pm: while hunting a gnu
[church nerd] 9:07 pm: smelling like poo??
[reverend mommy] 9:07 pm: and not stepping in poo
[church nerd] 9:07 pm: in the pouch of a kangaroo
[tglaser] 9:07 pm: eating tofu?
[reverend mommy] 9:07 pm: in the zoo
[church nerd] 9:07 pm: with Lucy Liu
[reverend mommy] 9:07 pm: Woo Hoo!
[reverend mommy] 9:08 pm: A Chinese lass to woo!
[church nerd] 9:08 pm: wearing all blue
[reverend mommy] 9:08 pm: in a tutu
[reverend mommy] 9:08 pm: floating in a canoe.
[tglaser] 9:09 pm: picked up a one legged buckaroo
[church nerd] 9:09 pm: with fun coming out the wazoo
[enz] 9:09 pm: are we through?
[church nerd] 9:09 pm: that's up to you
[tglaser] 9:10 pm: ended up at mizzou at quarter to two (AM)
[church nerd] 9:10 pm: i like the one legged buckaroo. tg gets 50 points
[tglaser] 9:11 pm: oh, yeah, the buckaroo left his shitzu in his Subaru....what to do?

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