Thursday, February 02, 2006

I've been thinking

a lot about being clergy. I took on more/new responsibilities at church and am thinking about balance. It remains a part time job, since I have school and the children as well. I think alot about effectiveness as a pastor, about where my batteries are charged, how to "be" first and then be a minister second. So I want to posit some questions. Please answer them either here or on your own blog, and point more clergy my way so that I can gather responses. If you do not wish to make the answers public, please email me at Thanks.

: 1. Is being a pastor detrimental or helpful to your faith?
: 2. Is being a pastor harder or easier than you imagined from your seminary days?
: 3. Have you developed a passion/focus to your pastoral ministry?
: 4. All this talk about clergy burnout-- is it any different than any other job?
: 5. How does the congregation show its support? What are the hidden perks to being a pastor?
: 6. How do you keep your children safe in their faith and church life?
: 7. Do you admonish parishioners? If so, how?
: 8. Do you pray for your flock? How?
: 9. Is it enough to be approachable? How do you approach them?
: 10. Do you change lives?
: 11. Do you aim for greatness? What is your aim in ministry?
: 12. How do you keep the enmeshment of church/ministry/family from being overwhelming?
: 13. Would you say you have deep relations with church members? Tips on barriers or boundaries?
: 14. What is the difference between a mediocre and a good and an excellent pastor?
: 15. What is a must read author/website?
: 16. Is there a difference in the way that men and women pastor? How would you describe the difference?

Note: I reworded this posting after reflection. My church work invigorates me and is extremely rewarding. In fact, I feel that the work I do for church is much more educational in ways than my studies at school. I willingly took on these additional responsibilities -- and received a raise and a new office. With beautiful new furniture that my loving husband help me assemble. However, I want to know about others -- I realize that I need to maintain balance. How do you do it?

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