Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I keep 3 different lipsticks. One in the bathroom with my makeup, one in the purse and one in the desk drawer. Or really, it should only BE one, but usually is two or three in each place.

I'm out of my favorite shade of lipstick and I don't think it's being made anymore. The remaining shades are either too light or too dark. What should I do? Should I go shopping for more?

Why do I not feel "dressed" without the lipstick? Is wearing lipstick a necessity for you? Should a clergywoman even wear lipstick?

My decision this morning: I'm going to go without. (Eeek! is what my brain is telling me right now) Rather than too light or too dark, I'm going bare. (Eeek!!)

Then I'm going to go visit the Clinique booth sometime this week......

(post script: Now I feel totally shallow. I just got an email asking permission to crosspost a poem. Shallow and vain, am I today.)

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