Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I am starting new things ... and handing over old things.
I have been accepted in a CPE program at Scottish Rite Hospital this summer ... starting tomorrow.
We have found a really good babysitter for the kids (although it's really more for entertainment value than childcare.)
The family and I are going to take a couple long weekends at the beach, rather than one full week. The girls are going to have music lessons this summer -- guitar and piano (Entropy wants to play the drums ... I think we'll wait for next year!). We are going to clean a little every day, instead of marathon cleaning once a month/semester. We are giving up popsicles for yogurt. We are going to eat more fish and vegetables. Fruit instead of sweets. Big changes.
Today we are going shopping for clothing for me that looks more "business casual" than "seminary student."
It's an inbetween place/time for us all. Both exciting and anxious.

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