Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jimmy C who I met in RLP's chatroom last night has an interesting posting pointing to this article.

Now, about 3 months ago, I would have been just as outraged as Jimmy. However, I have a new perspective.

We all assume that people are just like us. That OF COURSE that this person is going to think XYZ just like us. But it's not exactly true. Some people get so tied into grief that they can't think. Some people really don't have the best interest of the child at heart. Some people let their own psycological garbage take over. *

This article doesn't give enough information to really understand all the dynamics in the story. WHY did the kid and the parents choose alternative medicine? Are there other adults involved in the medical decision making like biological parents or grandparents? Was the alternative medicine being effective? What did the kid really want -- did he make this decision truly informed?

So, I would say that I just don't have enough information to judge what these parents are doing and this judge is doing. I'd like to hear more of the story.

*OK, now in a not so diplomatic ways -- some people are greedy/stupid/self centered/hopped up on drug themselves/limited in understanding or education/tied up in divorce and trying to hurt the other party -- who knows what's going on? I trust the Judge on this one. Also, who knows if these parents haven't been investigated by DFACS for a long time?

And I will conceed that it could be a violation of privacy. But I'm not going to assume it on the basis of this article.

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