Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I'm still alive -- but my computer is not. The laptop has given up the ghost. After 12 hours of continual use daily for 2 and a half years, after dropping it several times (once from a hight of 4 feet while running onto a stone floor), the laptop is ill. We are trying to see if a new motherboard/disk drive will save it, but only time will tell.

Chaos went to music camp at Oxford College this last week and we had the concert at Old Church. It's a beautiful building, full of history and ghosts.

Old Church was built in 1841 as the first Chapel of Emory University. It never was a part of the university, but the leaders of the University also were the leaders of the church. Much later (1910), the congregation moved to a newer building now known as Allen Memorial UMC. Old Church served as an infirmary during the Civil War and was the site of many Annual Conferences. It is where in 1844 the slavewoman Kitty ownership was debated -- and the place where the Methodist church split in two over her. Kitty's Cottage is at the side/back of the church and is open as a museum. Kitty’s Cottage was the home built for her after she was freed by Bishop O. Andrews, who lived next door to Old Church. Even though Kitty was free, she did not want to leave the Bishop’s family, therefore they built the cottage for her and she lived there until her death, as a free woman.

The interior of the church at the rededication in 1999.

Kitty's Cottage

So many events, so much history. The chapel is a quiet, restful place. I wonder at it. The kids at camp sang two African/American spirituals directly under the balconies built for the slaves of the wealthy -- "Sometimes I fell like a motherless child" and "Wade in the Water." I reflect on how far we have come and how far left we have to go.

CPE has been tiring, part because it is CPE and part because of the very long commute. I've been collecting information about the history of Scottish Rite Hospital. I've been reflecting on history. More later.

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