Monday, August 21, 2006

Partially Realized

For generations, theologians have been debating if we are living in a partially realized eschatology. To be honest, there are days that I believe we are and days where it doesn't seem to matter.

What I would like to propose is slightly different. I believe that we are living in a partially realized Startrekology.

My evidence: Last week, I gave my husband my old flash drive (Lexar -- it's been a real workhorse). I lost the cap a long time ago, but it's been so very useful. I kept it on my keychain with my anointing oil and my WiFi detector. I took it off the keychain because with my Kroger cards, miniture charge cards and whatnot, the keys became too heavy. I went to Target and was shopping around and realized that we are already living in the "kingdom of Star Trek." I saw this little Microvault -- it's a flash drive as small as my thumbnail (literally). They even come in all sorts of pretty colors. Up to 2 gig of data. Does this not remind you of those pretty "data prisms" of some of the earlier Star Trek episodes? I pulled out my cellphone -- a thin little flip-phone (communicator) to call my husband. I had already placed a new PDA (PADD in "The Next Generation") in the cart along with a digital picture frame (do you remember Data's pictures of his cat Spot in "TNG"?)

I left a voice-mail -- I could have sent a little video (Captain, we have a message from Star Fleet!), but decided to send an email with my laptop. So first I pulled out my WiFi detector (Captain! We are picking up a information network on sensors!) and emailed my loving husband.

Partially realized. I can't wait for replicators and transporters. Or sonic showers.

(*note: OK, I didn't do ALL those things in Target. I leave the laptop behind some of the time. But you get the idea.)

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