Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This and That

and the other thing.

First, that article in my previous posting is indeed making its rounds in the internet -- or at least the RevGal part of the internet. I don't know what to think. I do know that through my experience and what I have observed, I will never, ever have "big church" by myself. My children's generation -- well, maybe.

I've worked in a male-dominated world before. When I was in the computer world and attending computer shows, I was never taken seriously until I pulled out the corporate checkbook. When it was realized that I controlled the money, the geeks would talk to me. But their memories were really short and the next day, I'd have to pull out the checkbook again.

I've seen men work in a female dominated world recently as well -- in the hospital there are a handful of male nurses. In a children's hospital, that is truly rare. And I must say, they were treated differently. Most of them were treated with great respect until people realized they weren't doctors and then the male nurses were looked at as if they had two heads. An oddity.

I know so many clergywomen who don't get the respect until they wear a "uniform" of some sort -- the Anglicans and Lutherans have it easy b/c they can wear the collar. It was interesting to listen to BBT on NPR the other day talk about taking the collar off. How it's a full circle. Hmmm....

Anyway, I've been very quiet this week because I am working on a video to use in our prayer time this Sunday. It's called "A Lament for Katrina" and I am going to upload it to mac dot com. If you want to see it, drop me an email at candlemb at and I'll email you the URL. It is still rendering (much faster with the Duo-Core, btw) -- 42 minutes more to render, then the upload will take forever, but it should be done this afternoon.

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