Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Last Class as an MDiv Student at Erskine

I'm currently in my last class EVER at Erskine as an MDiv student.

I rushed out the door yesterday and so I didn't remember my camera. Of course, since I don't have my camera, there are dozens of things I want to take pictures of. There is an antique car show in Abbeville today and I loved the look of all the hoods lifted up -- and there was a pair of Little Old Ladies with blue hair and gloves sitting in a powder yellow 1937 Buick, the driver just peeking over the steering wheel. I would have LOVED a picture of that.

And the campus today is beautiful -- there are flowers everywhere and fresh green grass. Erskine's campus is just stunning. I love it here. Its too much like Mayberry and I'm sure that my idealistic and rosy-colored glasses are casting this place into the realm of "this sure would be nice."

I would love to stay here for a while....

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