Saturday, April 28, 2007

RevMommy's Graduation Party

I was going to try to make this an amusing javascript based thing, but I ran out of time.
The Loving Husband is going to give me a surprise Graduation party -- he wanted me to give him the invitations that were to include the party. All I know is that the venue has a limit of about 100 people, there is going to food and entertainment. So here are my guesses:

New Hope or Grayson UMC's Fellowship Hall
Gwinnett Arena or Turner Field
The living room
Someone else's living room
The High Museum of Art
St. Philip's Cathedral
a fav resturant: Provino's, Sydney's, Nikko's, Nagoya, or many others
Piedmont Park or Chastain Park
The Shakespeare Festival
A Tea Room (Magnolia Tea Room, The Vines, Little Gardens)
Chateau Elan
The Hanger at the Airport or the Downwind or the Flying Machine
The Varsity in Athens
The Varsity near Tech
The big room at the local Holiday Inn (or similar)

Barbeque (Chicken, Beef, Pork or Rabbit -- who knows?)
Varsity Chili Dogs
$100 Hamburgers
Moe's Southwestern Grill
Finger Foods
Hotel Food

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Brad Sherrill doing a one man "Murder in the Cathedral"
Grayson UMC's Praise Band
Casting Crowns or Third Day
Green Day or a Hard Rock Band
Elvis Impersonator
The girls singing "You are my Sunshine" with the LH on the kazoo
Cello girl (or Yo Yo Coleman as she's know around here)
Nickel Creek or Bluegrass
Rascal Flatts or Country Music
Video games on Laptops

Academic Cap and Gowns
Full Formalwear
Casual officewear
Cassock and Surplice

The game goes like this:
The Living Room with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra eating Greek! in Albs.
A restaurant with an Elvis Impersonator eating Varsity Chili Dogs in Swimsuits.
The Varsity with Karaoke! eating Thai! in Academic Cap and Gowns.

What would you choose?

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