Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Picture 88/365

I didn't know that "Old Dan Tucker" could be a real person ...

There is a story that "Old Dan Tucker" was written about a man named Daniel Tucker who lived in Elbert County, Georgia. Tucker was a farmer, ferryman, and minister who appears in records from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The story tells that Tucker became quite well liked by the slaves in his area through his ministry to them.

According to this interpretation, the lyrics address Tucker directly. The chorus, "You're too late to get your supper" is gentle teasing to a minister who often arrived after dark, forcing his hosts to scrap up a meal for him.

Daniel Tucker was buried in Elbert County in 1818.

I find this plaque to be a form of whitewashing history again -- or turning a blind eye. I wonder what the real story is and if we will ever know it.

I'm off to school and I must say I have senior-itis pretty dern bad. I'm having a hard time doing more than going through the motions. I'm ready to graduate. I'll get the papers done and what not, but I'm taking the classes with minimal effort.

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