Monday, April 30, 2007

Rounding Third Base

And fixin' to slide into home -- 4 papers due, 1 final. I've done all the exit interviews, I've got the invitations done, the LH is mailing them today. I've got the academic regalia and I'm cleaning the house for out of town company.

I know the next thing is the "post-semester" torpor -- but this will be the "post-MDiv" torpor. It will probably resemble "post-CPE" torpor. I've got to get a new application in for CPE, as well, to start either September or January. Still don't know 100 percent about new appointment, so mums the word.

Today, I've a sore throat, ookie stuff in my sinuses and I'm a little short of breath. There's been a cold floating around and it just may be my turn.

WHY did God make the cold virus? Was it before or after the Fall? Is it a result of original sin? What is the purpose in nature/creation for colds?

Nonetheless, even with stuffed up sinuses, there were times where we could smell the fires in South Georgia this week. They look as if the fires are contained at least 70%, but all of Georgia, Florida and parts of Alabama are at risk for wildfires right now. The drought this year is going to be BAD. The peach and pecan crops are ruined (said "ruint") first because of the late freeze and now from the drought. It's not going to be a good year for agriculture in Georgia. There are people just east of here still dependent on cotton; a little north is cabbage; only stable produce from Georgia may be chickens and granite.

In other news...
I've found my camera. It was in the dining room. Who knew? I'll catch up on the Project 365 -- the expenditure of creative energy will help me write those papers.

I added Bubbles (the game) to my sidebar. This game is so very addictive!

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