Saturday, March 15, 2008

Atlanta Storms

The damage from the tornadoes that ripped through Atlanta in the last couple of days is reaching $200 million dollars. Downtown Atlanta including the CNN Center , Centennial Park, and the Georgia Dome were heavily damaged. The mayor has declared a state of emergency. The Georgia Dome was so damaged that the SECC will finish their play at Georgia Tech's Alexander Memorial Coliseum. Many people were injured, but so far no reported fatalities in Atlanta, although these storms have caused fatalities in other areas.

Chaos had intended to attend MoMoCon and she and her friend made it downtown today -- the website reported that the convention was still open. She made it OK, but new storms came through the area and they were sent to the basement -- and waited out the storm in the basement of Ga Tech's student center.

Here's video from the Weather Channel.

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