Thursday, March 06, 2008

John Wesley is Blogging Again

He's so very confused ... he thinks it's still August 1736. I imagine he was in a sort of time-warp where he lost several month, eh, years, uh, centuries.

You will find his musings here, interspersed with other interesting and historical tidbits.

In fact, I believe that Mr. Wesley will be starting that fate-filled year of 1735 all over again, starting on October 17, 2008 -- so that the October 17, 2008 entry will actually be the October 17, 1735 entry -- the day that he began his trip on the Simmonds to Georgia. The entries will continue apace until that point, but the editors of aforesaid blog have found MUCH interesting information, including the full Diary of John Wesley without all the juicy part being edited out.

Therefore, major restructuring will be occuring. Shortly.

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