Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Bullets

  • I have a few friend who keep sending me email via their iPhone. I don't have an iPhone and I will admit to the sin of envy. I really think the "virus" that would display a cracked iPhone screen with the sound of breaking glass is sort of cool....
  • I've had a disappointment this week. It is a struggle to not succumb to this disappointment; I repeat to myself the words given to Dame Julian -- "All will be well; all will be well and all manner of thing will be well." It is a thing I truly believe -- yet I still process the disappointment.
  • I have managed to schedule the family into a right pickle. Two kids need to be in two different places at the same time; Chaos is playing the Cello in the school system's Festival; Entropy is to be selling GS Cookies. Then we all have Karate. The next morning Chaos has Festival from 7:15 am to 1:00 pm, then wants to go to MoMoCon the rest of the day. She's going to be exhausted. Thankfully, Entropy and I aren't quite so busy...
  • I'm still wondering how they are going to fit the "Cello Coffin" onto the school bus. I insisted on the hard case this morning; that Cello costs as much (or more) than my first car. I'm not going to have it damaged in transit. It's actually kinda funny to watch Chaos roll the Cello Coffin behind her with a fully loaded backpack on her back and other various and assorted bags tied to her body.
  • I feel that I feed the cats continually. They fight; they hiss; they eat. They fight; they hiss; they eat. I pull Johnny fur out of Doodle's claws... They fight; they hiss; they eat. I'm just a Cat Cop.
  • I had a friend from RL come visit my Second Life church. That was cool. I've probably done enough SL for this week, though. I think I'll go back to my other "comfort activity"....
  • Watching HBO's "In Treatment." Powerful stuff and just as facinating to watch as "Intervention" on A&E. I believe the fact I like these programs says as much about me as anything.
  • I could do with a retreat; but probably won't get one. I'm going to have to go back to my Theology of Space and revisit -- I'm going to have to make my own space: a "Hermitage" as it were.

The Cello Coffin is like the black one right behind the hardshell red one. It really is coffin shaped. It's getting quite beat up too -- I'm told that is "cool." Ooooo.... I need to get her a skeleton hand to "peek out" of the coffin when it's zipped open.... Hmm... I wonder where I can get such a thing?

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