Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Bullets

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  • I'm sure that's what my cats thought of the kids, too.
  • Old lady kitty is getting ... older. She's so very frail. Not keeping food down, losing weight. But still Alpha Kitty - there is black Johnny fur stuck in her claws every single day.
  • Johnny is dense. He doesn't learn that Alpha Cat is mean. I'm also having the dickens of a time teaching him to come when called. Usually it means food -- and usually he's hungry, but the neurons are just not firing. Time and patience will help. And Greenies.
  • Tuesday I go before the Board of Ordained Ministry. I'm not really stressed -- and I'm not stressed about being not stressed. I may go shopping for a new outfit, though.
  • Still making progress on the house. Several more drawers organized; things washed and either put away, given away or made ready to sell. I'm going to put eBay stuff back on after the Board interview. I didn't think this process would take so long; at my current rate of speed it will be another year before it's all done.
  • Karate is going well -- I haven't lost lots of weight, but I can tell the difference in my stamina. It's a good thing.
  • Chaos has made it into all Advanced Placement classes for High School. It will be more work, but also will be more challenging. I'm proud of her!
  • I'm enjoying Second Life more that I thought I would. There is a small group of us getting ready to build a Methodist Chapel modeled after some famous one -- either Wesley's Chapel or New Room Bristol. I'm also helping John re-organize his blog for a fresh start in October -- new pictures and materials. I've actually put dozens of hours into it. If anyone has any ideas of helping John publicize it, let me know and I'll pass it on to Rev. Wesley.
  • It's raining (yeah!) and I'm feeling sinus pressure.

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