Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Bullets

  • This flu in our area is really vicious. I've been sick for quite a while (seems like a lo-o-o-ong time.) I think our congregation started to pass it around before Christmas and that almost every member of the congregation has had a taste of it. It's put a few in the hospital; one or two in Intensive care. I've also a friend of a friend who has died of it -- he was 38 years old. He felt like he was coming down with something; ignored it for a day or two; went to work in the cold. By the time he went to the hospital, it was too late.
  • It seems too soon for Easter to be over already. What to do with the rest of the spring? Odd.
  • The yellow season is starting. Pollen is falling everywhere and the pine trees are a fixin' to bust open and let out their flood of pollen. It's the pine pollen that's so invasive. Everything will be covered with a fine yellow grit. Unless you have seen it, it's pretty hard to believe.
  • I need to list more books. Since I've been sick, I've slacked off. I want to continue on the house stuff-reduction. I would like to get rid of about half of what we own right now. It's just slow going.
  • And the weight reduction is slow too -- karate when you have the flu is just not do-able. I've decided to NOT eat any more Girl Scout cookies -- I did the oatmeal thing this morning. Tomorrow will be my first day back at karate in two weeks....
  • Johnny cat is amusing. He decided he was a big bumblebee. He keeps nibbling on the Easter lilies. He licks the nectar off and gets Easter lily pollen all over his face. It really shows up on all that black fur. Then he sticks his head into another bloom. He's pollinating the Easter lilies -- Just like a big black feline bumblebee. I do love to watch him explore his world.
  • I'm doing some architectural changed to the church in Second Life. I'll post pics when I'm finished.
  • Major errands today. The 8th grade orchestra concert is tonight and last night (after 10:00 pm) Chaos' bow broke. Yes, the $795 bow. She finished practicing with the cheap bow I purchased for a backup ($19.95, fiberglass). It sounded ... Ok. Even I can tell the difference between the good bow and the cheapo bow. So, I'm off to the violin shop to get an emergency bow repair ... It somehow reminds me of the Loving Husband's front tooth disintegrating late the night before Easter -- when he had to play the trombone for worship. I fixed the tooth with superglue -- I don't dare use superglue on the bow.

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