Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Random Bullets

  • I've picked up a Yale folding machine (ancient but works great) from FUMC of Monroe. Thanks! My hands appreciate it! No more folding bulletins by hand! Yah!
  • The girls and I have had ANOTHER virus this week. It's just a really bad headache and slight fever. Not feeling 100%.
  • I am contemplating a book sale maybe March 7. I have to figure out exactly HOW, but we need the space in the garage. Currently, there is a huge stack of boxes that contains perhaps 5,000 books in the garage. I think I'll charge $1 or $2 per hardback and fifty cents per paperback. Hopefully we can get rid of half of them and get a little money.
  • We need a more permanent place for home schooling. The only real space for this will be the garage. We will need to purchase an outbuilding for the lawn care equipment and get rid of the books. Then we will need to seal the floor somehow. I have a big desk in the basement that will suit our purposes perfectly. It's a matter of moving toward the goal.
  • I'm thinking the money from the books can purchase the outbuilding...
  • Critter was "fixed" even though she wasn't broken on Monday. On Thursday she started to run a fever and we rushed her to the vet, where she spend about 48 hours. She's home now and snuggling with grumpy old lady cat. I was really worried about her.
  • I've made room on the computer stand in the kitchen for the folding machine this morning. I hope it is sturdy enough for that very heavy contraption.
  • There are too many things in my kitchen -- office stuff (including a copier, a copier stand, file boxes and a folding machine), home school stuff, small kitchen appliances, books, an aquarium, computers, craft stuff -- and I want to get rid of some of it. I'm going to make room by getting rid of a lot of craft things in some of my base cabinets and all the paper goods. Big Lots has bins and I'm thinking free-cycle.
  • I also want a new refrigerator. Ours is over 20 years old and it shows.
  • I also think we need some new handles for the cabinets -- I found some lovely blue glass ones. And if I get a new refrigerator and new cabinet handles -- I'll need to paint the cabinet doors. Another thing we can do in the garage, if I get rid of books.
  • The kids want to work on some cosplay costumes -- Allen Walker and Link, to be specific. I can use the sewing machine (guess where...) in the kitchen! Yeah! Oh Boy!!
  • So, my task is to get rid of books. Craigslist, here I come! March 7, book sale, my house! Onward!

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