Monday, February 09, 2009

Two Things That Make Me Sad

There were two occurances that have made me vagely sad this week -- both are a direct result of the economy.

First, the "Day of Love and Justice" that was to occur today at the Georgia State Capital has been postponed -- placed on hold because the Georgia State Legislature has decided to not meet on Mondays anymore. This is a cost cutting move; it should save money. However it seems to me that in an economy like this, we need more days of love and justice, not less. And it also seems oddly theological. Is love and justice the first thing to go during a serious economic downturn? The Hebrew Scriptures are full of prophets telling us to take care of the widows and orphans -- to leave gleanings on the edges of our fields -- to be generous with those who have little and to do it all for love.

Second, I found out yesterday that the Wesleyan Christian Advocate, which has been in almost continuous print since around 1834 is going to print its last issue sometime before Annual Conferences. This makes me very sad. It's the same thing that other papers face: the relevance of a printed newspaper in an age of digital information. In addition, the Economic Earthquake of 2008. These add to the demise of the paper. I love that paper -- I've fallen behind a couple of weeks, but I enjoy reading the goings on of the annual conference. I've printed a few photos in the paper -- I'm going to miss it. There will be the UMReporter, I know, but it doesn't have that regional overtone and I am going to miss that.

Well, Chaos is going on a field trip but Entropy and I are staying home -- she has a really bad cold. I am going to miss the field trip!

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