Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Read Marcus Borg's Newest Book

"Putting Away Childish Things."  He note in the foreword that no one would publish this book if he had not already been an established author; and to that, I agree.  It doesn't flow like a novel ought.  When his heroine is in the classroom and discusses an article, he puts the WHOLE THING in the narrative.  Not a nice little bit of it -- the WHOLE THING.  And the conflict that develops with the heroine -- if she will or will not accept a temporary chair at a liberal seminary felt undeveloped.  Too passive somehow.

And I'm sure he infused the entire book with the things he likes; I am sure that he drinks PG Tips, smokes a pipe and eats Saltimbocca. I liked it, but I'm sure it's like Saltimbocca -- something that not it not to everyone's taste.

Actually, I ended up with an extra copy (I think) and I am having a hard time thinking of who to give it to. It's not like "Poet of Tolstoy Park" or "The Heart of Christianity"; it's not a book that will change my life.  But I'll hang onto a copy nonetheless.


In other news: inspired by "Putting Away Childish Things," I have (yet again) started to journal my dreams.  Maybe there will be a pattern.  So far, it's a bunch of anxiety about foundational stuff and sharing my "house."

I've also decided that this new year I will:

  • Not Diet but stay on WW as much as possible.  I view "diet" with "depravation." 
  • Move More -- using my new stationary bike, I am hoping.
  • Learn to play my cello and Theremin.
  • Continue to clean house.  Getting rid of my excess is easy compared with helping the rest of the family get rid of theirs.  Example: in my bedroom, Bill has an entire laundry basket full of tee shirts that won't fit into the chest of drawers.  This tells me that there are too many tee shirts.
  • Today: the pantry.

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