Monday, February 07, 2011

Thoughts for a Monday; Project Order from Chaos.

Items not used - clothing still with tags, gifts given and never opened, junk mail, stacks of paper on desks, unused kitchen gadget, tchotchkes, gewgaws, knickknacks, and trinkets - all add to our mental clutter . Not only do they weigh us down, they drain our energy by overwhelming us with feelings of shame and dread. We are beloved Children of God made to love. Why love things that can't love us back?

Here's a thought -- Donald Winnicott theorized that we need transitional objects to move from one phase to another. Most of the time it's a kid's lovey: a teddy bear, a blanket. Do adults need these transitional objects as well to move from one point in their lives to another? Is that one of the reasons we clutter up our lives?

Also from Winnicott -- according to Wikipedia -- "When the person has to comply with external rules, such as being polite or following social codes, then a False self is used. The False self is a mask of the false persona that constantly seeks to anticipate demands of others in order to maintain the relationship." Do we use our 'stuff' and excess of possessions to create that false self? What would happen if we stripped away all that was unnecessary in our lives? Could we then be our true self that God intended us to be?

Friday, February 04, 2011

Kitty Midnight Madness!

Happy Birthday, Bill! (One candle for each decade. Seemed easier and less likely to cause a massive house fire -- or at least set off the fire alarm.)

Project Order from Chaos, Day 35.

Organized the office supply cabinet. It still looks a little messy, but it's much better than it was! I took out a stack of old, yellowed or crumpled paper to use a scratch paper for homeschooling. I also weeded out some binders and thermofax paper and made labels for the shelves. I'm slowing down. I need something for a shot in the arm, as this is beginning to get old...

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Project Order from Chaos, Day 34.

This is the reason I made Cumin Coffee the other day rather than Cinnamon Coffee.  The cinnamon is on the left and the cumin is on the right.  Easy mistake to make.

Items given away --
(135) skirt

(136) 3 skirts
(137) one blouse
(138) one knit top
(139) sweater
(140) green pant

(141) skirt
(142) two green sweaters

(143) 3 skirts
(144) one green very small terrycloth robe, new with tags

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Items given away
(134) Two organizer thingys I don't need.

Project Order from Chaos, Day 33.

Items given away
(129) White Girl's Shirt
(130) Green Corduroy Jacket
(131) Brown Party Dress

(132) Sparkly sweater

(133) 11 pairs of kid's jeans.