Tuesday, August 16, 2005

For John at Locust and Honey

FORT BYRON, Ill. (AP) - An Illinois man claims a $10 pet rabbit saved the life of his pregnant wife. Ed Murphy said the rabbit was unusually noisy one night, banging and jumping up and down in her cage.

Murphy tried to ignore the racket by putting noise buffers on top the cage, but the pet would not let him go back to sleep.

Murphy then noticed his wife seemed to be sleeping heavily with her eyes wide open, so he called 911.

Darcy Murphy was quickly taken to a hospital, where she remained five days for treatment of gestational diabetes, a carbohydrate intolerance during pregnancy.

Murphy's obstetrician, Dr. Anita Pinc, credits the rabbit with telling Ed Murphy ``Wake up, wake up. Something is wrong with your wife.''

Murphy delivered baby Brenna on June 13.

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