Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just Life

I joke by calling my kids Chaos and Entropy. Yet, as the Bard said in King Lear, “Jesters do oft prove prophets” or as the Roxburghe Ballad says it “many a truth is spoken in jest.”

I feel as if I live in disorder. Chaos means complete confusion or disorder – Entropy is a state of complete disorder. Chaos and Entropy surround me.

I push at the stuff, I pick it up, I organize it and still I can lay my hands on multitudes of things that need to be sorted, put up, glued, fixed, repaired, painted, polished, cleaned, framed or just plain fixed.

I now have back my front door panel from the stained glass repair people (after a week) and the repairman placed it into the freshly painted door. The interior trim and walls have been painted, as well as the ceiling. I have a new door knob. The exterior of the house has been pressure washed and painted and the electrical fixtures replaced. I go into the foyer and look down. Somehow someone has broken the plate over the electrical outlet. And the dragon in the dining room was playing with my antique world globe and now it has a pencil tip sized hole in it. And the glass in two of the pictures is broken. And my favorite ticky-tock clock is no longer keeping time. Sigh. When will it all be finished and the house be fixed and clean, at the same time?

What's new with you?

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