Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fun little game

From Emily.
Go to google. Type "(your name) is" and paste your favorite 10 responses.

1. Mommy is this OK? (Is *what* OK?)
2. Mommy is sick. (And tired of doing housework.)
3. Mommy is a punk rocker. (in birkenstocks)
4. My Mommy is my hero. (How sweet!)
5. Mommy, is Aunt Sally in the rice puffs? (We don't have an Aunt Sally.)
6. Mommy is the household's sadistic disciplinarian, dismissing Grandma at every turn. (We don't have a grandma.)
7. Mommy is a deceitful gold-digger who has married Daddy for his money. (Daddy has money?)
8. Mommy is friggin’ huge. (Let's don't get personal, here.)
9. Mommy is insane. (Refer to number 8.)
10. Mommy is stretchy. (And bounces back rapidly.)

You try it.

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