Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Catblogging

Here's my sweet little kitty, snoozing on the sofa. She's got the eyes cracked just a bit, so that I know she's aware of me. She sits on me all the time now -- or perches on the sofa right next to my head, so that she can reach out a paw and touch me.

She's very dedicated to sleeping now-a-days. She's about 16 years old and so she's an old lady kitty. She's put on about a pound since winter -- she tops out at 7 pounds now. Her activity level is going down. There's parallel in my life. I'm feeling old right now. If I continue on the educational plan that I have sketched out -- a DMin and/or a PhD after this bout of schooling, I will be way past 50 before I am finished -- if the family and I go away for the PhD, that means I can go directly from student housing to assisted living. Is it the diplomas that I am after? Am I looking for the real end to all this? Or do I just enjoy the journey, being a student so very much? I do know that I love to teach. I want to teach more in the future.

For the last couple of years I keep thinking about the future -- what will I be doing? Where will I be? and looking forward -- maybe I need to be more intentional in my time NOW and live NOW and not rely so much on the future.

The kittens that we looked forward to getting have run away. Either they have found new homes for themselves or the coyotes have gotten them. They were on my friend's screened in back porch and either they or the mother pried up a piece of the screening and they escaped. My kids are heartbroken. Chaos especially. She prayed very very hard that the kittens would be OK and would come home. She's had a little crisis of faith when they did not.

So we are loving on little kitty especially hard right now. Here's a closeup -- I've been stroking the fur on her nose for comfort.

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