Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The bad news, the good news

The bad news: I'm on steroids that make my face swell. So I'm going to be slack-jawed, moon faced and drooling
The good news: I get to wear an eyepatch

The bad news: I drool
The good news: I now have an opportunity to buy bibs in the proper liturgical colors so I don't drool on my robe

The bad news: My eye sometimes doesn't shut.
The good news: The kids think I'm watching them ALL THE TIME now

The bad news: My face is droopy
The good news: and that side has no wrinkles

The bad news: Sometimes my face looks frightening
The good news: I won't have to spend extra money on a Halloween costume

The good news: I now have a real poker face -- bluffing will be easy during card games
The bad news: The cigar keeps falling out

The bad news: This HURTS
The good news: I have friends and family who are lifting me up in prayer and sending supportative little notes.


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