Monday, October 17, 2005

Dear and Gentle Readers,

I was emailed last night with a comment that disturbed me vaguely -- asking if I knew what I was promoting with the "Beyond Belief" posting -- specifically pointing out the "Islamic Jihad" action figure that appears on one of the site.

First, that was an attempt at humor. That type of humor is called "ridicule by association." The Islamic Jihad and Jesus Action figures on the "Superstore" site are a spoof. These action figures do not actually exist. If you try to order, they may or may not take your money, but it is a humor site. A spoof. They do not exist. The figures were created in Photoshop by someone with a twisted sense of humor.

Second, I was/am disturbed by the first link -- the board game of "Salvation." I believe that the way the game is played cheapens the language of redemption and salvation. This type of language is sacred to me and the casual usage of these phrases is anathema. I was attempting to ridicule the game by placing it in a subset of other things that I consider similar ilk. I was not promoting ANY of these items, hence the use of the "Beyond Belief" in the title. Stated clearly, I find the board game offensive. Perhaps not AS offensive as the action figures, but offensive nonetheless. Stated clearly, I find the concept of "Jesus Action Figures" extremely offensive. It cheapens society's view of what I consider extremely sacred.

I am sorry for any misunderstaning.

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