Sunday, October 02, 2005

What's in your car?

Pink Shoes in the Pulpit asks:
What would I see if I looked in your car?

While on a certain level I was embarassed by what surrounded me, I was more curious about what the contents of my car said or say about me.
When you walk past a car in a parking lot, do you ever catch a glimpse of what's in the car and have a little clue of what that person's life might be like?

I have had two garbage bags of very old tupperware, several sets of old sheets, a toolkit and emergency roadside kit, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a power inverter where you plug it into the lighter and you can plug in regular plugs (like the computer). LOTS of CDs. Karate gear. Seashells in the pockets behind the driver. A large stash of rubber balls. yesterday afternoon -- 18 antique ammo boxes (don't ask). Four umbrellas. Oh, and books.

And then I realized that I had edited myself -- I've had some really interesting things in the car this weekend. And didn't blog about it. There are so many ways that I edit myself. There are things I can share here (and elsewhere) but then there are things that I just don't share anywhere. I've been a school teacher and practiced discretion before, especially on the behalf of students -- this is much more discretion than a teacher would practice. I guess I am coming to the realization that everything in my life is going to be examined. RLP recently shared that he is about 90 percent transparent with his congregation. That is a bold and couragous move. What are reasons to be discreet? Several -- but the reason I didn't share this on Pink Shoes' blog is that what I had in my car touches on a controversial topic. Opinions and beliefs are involved -- and politics.

What was in my car that I hesitate to share -- Firearms. They had been the LH's grandfather's. We didn't have a place to lock them all up -- so off they went to someone who *can* lock them up. I didn't want to deal with the Right to Bear Arms Contingent vs. the Gun Control People. I actually don't know where I stand on this issue. It's really never been an issue -- at least not my issue. But was I avoiding the conversation? Was I not being transparent? Or was I just not "sharing out of school?"

I avoid politics questions in general. Not that I don't have strong opinions. I just wonder how appropriate it is to share my opinions. Discussion on certain topics tend to polarize people -- and we are polarized enough. And I don't see how adding my voice to the argument will help any to heal broken relationships and to bring about reconciliation.

So the most interesting thing in my car this weekend was a 66mm Anti-Tank rocket launcher thingy. How about you?
What's in your car? or should I ask -- What do you avoid discussing?

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