Saturday, December 09, 2006

My New Old Church

Was formed around 1819 or 1820 (records are unsure/ not too clear about it) near what is now Tribble Mill Park right off the Alcovy River. It was in a log cabin and at sometime before 1841, the church's moved (another log cabin or the same one) to it's present location. The current building was constructed around 1851, altered in the 1880's, altered again in 1939 when they got the building wired for electricity, added to in about 1957 when they remodeled the sancutary, added two classrooms, added a choir loft and the back of the current building. In the 1980's they built a two storied Christian Ed building with a new fellowship hall, kitchen, restrooms, office, preschool classrooms and playground.

I've had a couple of, uhm, odd things. I was alone in the building playing the piano in the old choir room and as I was playing, I heard voices. I thought, "Hey! Someone is here!" I got up to see who it was and I was still alone. I sat down to play some more and I heard voices again and saw something flickering out the of side of my eye. It got cold. I left. Abruptly. I'll go back into that room when someone is with me....

I'm really super rational, but.

Edited: I think I figured out it was the heater switching on and off. And that I have a very VIVID imagination.....

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