Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Church

I am so very much enjoying my new appointment. It's a really different context and yet very much the same. The demographics are very similar; after all it's only 4 miles away from my previous church. Yet this area has yet to see the mega-boom of growth that my old appointment saw about 5 to 10 years ago. It's coming, though. Soon.

This church, my old church and three others shared pastors off andon for a long time. Sometimes it was a 4 point charge, then a three point charge, then a two point charge. They were a one point charge with a student pastor for a long time; now they have a real full time pastor. With my addition, this is the first time this church has had two appointed pastors (that I know of.)

It's about a tenth in attendance of my previous church, but they seem to be very faithful in attending. There is a larger percentage of really committed people (committed to service and presence) than at my previous church.

Right now, this little church is moving from the small church paradigm to a less small church paradigm (almost a medium sized church); from the Matriarchy/Patriarchy model to the Pastor Driven model (if you know what I'm talking about, here.) It's going to be really interesting to watch and help with that transition.

I just get the feeling that this church is a ripe seed planted in fertile ground and you better watch out! We are going to grow! (and I'm not talking numbers here!)

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