Friday, December 22, 2006


I got in a heated discussion yesterday with a person who was rather critical of my girls being in karate. The kids go train a few times a week and really enjoy it. It's fun.

The girls are doing Tang Soo Do, which is an older form of karate than Twae Kwon Do and there are subtle differences. Our studio spends a lot of time with the kids stressing exercise, healthy living, drug avoidance, discipline (mostly self discipline), obedience to elders and parents, doing your best and respect of self and others. It's not considered a "sport" at our studio, but a discipline and an art. Competition is a part of it, but is not stressed but rather doing your personal best. Master Long gives the kids lots of positive encouragement. It is a much more supportative environment than the soccer teams (boy, those soccer parents are harsh!) or even the Ballet Nazi. And I know that my girls have had some solid self-defense training, as well.

This person critized me for putting my girls in karate, saying that I am promoting a violent lifestyle and that the ethos (OK, she didn't use that word) that was being promulgated is not a Christian ethos. What?? Of course, she had no real data or anything to base this on, just her prejudice. Then she went further -- "I don't think I would want to be a part of a church where the MINISTER has her children in karate." OK, fine. You're Baptist -- I'm Methodist. You probably wouldn't come to my church anyway. Just had to get in that parting shot, eh? You say, woman, that you don't believe in a violent lifestyle, but just attacked me and mine verbally. Do you not understand the problem here?? Do you not see it?? Sheesh.

I felt like doing a roundhouse kick and an upper cut. (Verbally, of course.) But I didn't. Because I DO believe in a peaceable lifestyle.

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