Monday, December 04, 2006

William James, in poetry, version One.

Word on the Mac has an interesting feature -- Autosummarize. I took the etext of William Jame's Varieties of Religious Experience and set the Autosummarize to 87 words. This is what I got. I like it -- it's like poetry or a prayer.

experience. If
experiences. Religion,
life? religious.
religious life.
condemn life. God.
God experience.
O God! life.

Life for God.
If life. If subject's life.
God is life with minds who experience. God!
God of God.

God experienced.
Experiences of life.
Subconscious life.
If experience. praising God. God experience. If man's.
If positive
Religious mind. Spiritual life.
If Gentle God, then
life? life. If

life. solitary life.
towards God. life.
Take God's experience.
Spirit lives. Experience man to God, man with God. Religion.


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