Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Bullets

  • Today is a catch up sort of day.
  • I've made phone calls all morning; arranged for the girls to go to horsey camp; cleaned house; done laundry; sorted stuff and that ilk.
  • I'm working currently on "my" 8th grade Social Studies project. Chaos has two projects due tomorrow; she's currently on a all day field trip with her science class (7:00 am to 6:00 pm), Girl Scouts at 6:30. The kid will be home at 8:00 pm. So I'm helping -- I've spray painted all day (every 20 minutes or so) her cardboard cutout of a 1948 Cadillac Convertible for her skit in Social Studies tomorrow. I will detail it this afternoon with some markers. I sure hope I get an "A" on my project.
  • I've put cardboard to recycle in the back of the car as well as 4 big bags of outgrown kid clothing. I'm continuing the purging process.
  • I've D and E in the correct spot in the Book Alphabetizing project. F to G is sorted and ready to be moved onto the correct shelf; H is on the correct shelf, as is I. J is floating around in a box, as is K- M. I'm making progress....
  • I purchased with my trade-in points three books this morning. I took in 60 books and took home 3. Definitely the right direction.
  • I wanted to build this weekend on my Theremin project; never had time. I did find the other lens I needed; I think the lens on the camera now is toast. Somehow the Nikon got dropped on the lens and my cheapo wide-angle lens is busted. I'll take pictures as soon as I get the new lens on the camera.
  • Entropy cut her hair off and is now donating it to Locks of Love (second time for her.) She also had her eyebrows waxed for the first time. The kid looks like a different person. Who is this child? What did you do with my daughter??
  • I'm geeking about karate. I'm watching karate videos on YouTube...
  • I've built a "Theremin" in Second Life; no scripting yet. Still wondering about how to do that. I've got to learn how to created animations first. More to do.
  • I couldn't get online for my Monday morning Bible Study in Second Life. Dern this Linksys Router!
  • I'm currently playing with statistics in between coats of spray paint. Time for another coat!

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