Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Randomness

  • Entropy's Awards Ceremony was last night. Chaos and Entropy go to a HUGE middle school. Entropy received two awards; one for perfect conduct and one for High Honors. Yeah! But it was 3 hours of my life I will never ever get back. Thank goodness we had the 2 DS's and could play "Brain Age."
  • And Thursday? We get to do it AGAIN for Chaos' Awards Ceremony. Goody.
  • Last full week of school -- all the end of the year stuff to do. Not enough time.
  • Karate is going well; because of Awards Ceremonies, we will miss a couple of classes. I've not lost weight, but I am stronger. And I've lost inches. I suppose I will eat carrots... instead of snacks. And oatmeal for b'fast every day.
  • Walking everyday sounds good. That would be a good way to incorporate more exercise.
  • We are arranging vacations. Kids this age make life complicated.
  • But because they BOTH are going to be gone on Memorial Day, the LH and I get to do some Adult Time Without Kids.
  • We've beach time coming up too. That sounds wonderful.
  • Still working on an Estate Sale. That's trucking along.
  • And the Book Sorting is continuing. I'm on Fiction L-M today.
  • I've missed "creative time." I made a video for Annual Conference yesterday -- almost finished. It's cute and silly. Last couple of AC's, all the videos were very "significant." This will be a nice silly note to lighten mood. After all, the subject will be statistics which is "significant" enough.
  • I've lots of "missing links." I'd post pictures except that the battery of the camera needs to be recharged and I'm missing the charger. I'd take pictures of various things except I'm missing my good wide angle lens. I'd sew some, except I'm missing the little screwdriver thingy to change out the broken needle. I'd vacuum, except I don't know where the vacuum cleaner bags are. Lots of "missing links."
  • Time to package Amazon books, get ready to leave to pick up kids and go to Post Office. Then it's fold laundry, empty dishwasher, bring down dirties to wash, pick up living room, make dinner and karate. A Day In the Life...

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