Friday, May 16, 2008

On occasion...

On occasion I will download or purchase a software package that will start to totally suck up my time and interest. I downloaded a newer copy of Google Earth and I have been geeking out -- exploring remote Antarctic Islands, looking at my neighborhood, making "tours." I really did it to make a tour of the fastest growing churches in my conference; it's going to be a nice presentation.

I just can't believe how long I've played around with this -- I've looked at all the Malls around, at the place we are going to spend our vacation, at parts of Alaska; there is one shot where there is practically no land to be found. We really do live on a water world. There is another shot I could have taken where Asia and Africa take up the entire view.

We get so used to seeing it "right side up" that when you can turn the view this way or that, it gives fresh perspective.

I think I'll go explore Togo now.

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