Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Morning Prayer -- from the Celtic Tradition

Lord, hear my voice when I call to you. My heart has prompted me to
seek your face; I seek it Lord; do not hide from me, alleluia

The maker of all things,
The Lord God worship we;
Heaven white with angels’ wings,
Earth and the white-waved sea.
May the Trinity protect me wherever I stay, Father, Son and Holy

May Jesus and the Father,
may the Holy Spirit sanctify us!
May the mysterious God not hidden in darkness,
may the bright King save us!

The praise of Christ is illustrious speech,
The worship of God’s Son is an art full of virtue.
May everyone who has sung it or heard it
Belong to God’s kingdom without rejection.
Christ, Christ, hear me!
Christ, Christ of your meekness!
Christ, Christ love me!
Sever me not from your sweetness!

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