Tuesday, December 28, 2004

UMCOR asks for donations

Latest figures show that 55,000 people have died from the Southeast Asia tsunamis, with the toll climbing ever higher. People of many nations vacationing in affected areas have perished, and local residents are devasted. Homes demolished, all possessions washed away, food and water gone, children dead. If we each give just a little, it will make a large difference.

The United Methodist Church is appealing for support – and offering an online site for donations – in response to the earthquake-related catastrophe that has struck parts of Asia and Africa.

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is coordinating resources with international partners and organizations such as Action by Churches Together and Churches Auxiliary for Social Action, which have aid workers at the scene of some of the devastation.

“Currently, UMCOR’s response is focusing on empowerment – providing resources to local people so they can direct their recovery,” said Linda Beher, communications director for the agency.

“Cash donations are the most important contribution people can make at the moment,” she added.

UMCOR has issued an emergency appeal for donations to assist the survivors with food and shelter and to help control disease that often follows massive natural disasters.

People can support UMCOR’s relief efforts online at

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