Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I had a horrible revelation in class.

I like to observe my classmates and their behavior and sometimes label them -- like "feminist" and "social activist."
Some others are "angry man," "angry woman," "passive," "inattentive" and so on.

There is one type that is in every single class I've had at Candler -- the "smarty-pants Candler student." Yesterday I was thinking "how nice, there is no smarty-pants in this class!"

I then realized that I had participated in the discussions several times* -- and each time everyone in the class would turn and look at me with "that look" and it hit me.

I AM the smarty-pants Candler student in that class! Oh no!!

*of course, at the end of one of my comments a fellow student turned to me and said "Do YOU understand what you just said?" Whoops.

Ok, you wanted to know the statment, so here it is (or a facsimile thereof)
"So, Dr. Hacket, what you are saying is that Ambrose here is concerned with the priesthood of the celebrant because he is a flesh and blood incarnation of the spoken word, the verba at the time the words cross his lips? That somehow he BECOMES the verba? That not only is the Body apparent on earth in the elements themselves and in the gathering of the congregation, but somehow the pre-existant, eternal, ever-exisiting Word, the Logos of Hellenistic thought, the Word in John is incarnate in both the spoken words and the priest himself at the same time? And by doing such, he is participating in the priesthood of Jesus, like what's found in Hebrews and the priest is participating in the Word and by such becomes a co-creator with God -- like what's found in Romans 8?"

Yeah, I'm a geek. And a smarty-pants.

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