Thursday, April 17, 2008

Useless Measures

I was amused by the Cat and Engineer video b/c he measured the Cat's Aspect Ratio. What a useless measure. Anyone that knows anything knows that you have to measure SPECIFIC DENSITY. Specific Density is the most important measure to do. You can use it to understand lightness and, uhm, density. To do this you have to both weigh the cat and calculate it's volume by immersing the cat in a vat of water to see how much it displaces. This does become problematic as the cat does not LIKE to be immersed in water.

Someone has used "key words" to rank the Holiness Index of UMC's seminaries. I would claim that the SPECIFIC DENSITY of the writings of the faculty would be a better measure. I frequently did this with my textbooks, to see who had the heaviest course load. My heaviest course, by that measure was "Life in Biblical Israel" by King and Stager. It had a Density of 2.3 pounds per cubic foot, which was tremendously greater than say, the Chronicles of Narnia which topped out at 1.3 pounds per cubic foot.

Therefore, I say that we measure the "Holiness" and "Spirituality" by the Density of the books that are written by the faculty.

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