Thursday, March 10, 2016

I Miss It

I miss writing.  I don't know when I stopped or really why.  Life interferes.  Facebook is a time-suck.  Twitter just multiplies my already short attention span.  But I still miss writing.

I've been thinking alot about the types of blogs I see on the internet.  They all look so very professional now.  It's gone from being a grassroots movement to a "let's make money now!" and "boost my already big ego!!" movement.

I miss certain blogs. Thoughtful and thought provoking blogs. My feed is full of "10 Things Your Pastor Does in their Armchair Every Night!" and "Dog Church Fulfills Your Every Need!" and "Betsy Sue Winklebaum's New Baby Bump!"

I miss the open-ended conversations that blogging gave me.  I miss gentle kind conversations. I miss real dialogue and not one-sided rants about ... ANYTHING.  Your choice -- politics, religion, sex, raising children -- all the above and more.

So, here I am.  Contemplating.  Thinking.  And I hope I will be writing again.

1 comment:

Deb said...

I'm with you. I'm trying to write more, Facebook less....