Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Advent starts on Sunday. I've been thinking about hymns. We typically sing Christmas Carols for the Advent season. But there are only a handful of Advent hymns in our hymnals. Advent just isn't celebrated the way it used to be. For instance, we now use blue instead of purple because we do not view this season as one of reflection and repentance.

So starting on Sunday I am going to blog one Advent hymn a day, with music. I've collected a fair amount, but still am missing about 10. I'll research it a little further, but anticipate that in the Morning Prayer every morning, I'll blog a relatively unknown Advent hymn.

Just for the heck of it, I used a free online translator to translate the above blog entry to Greek and then back to English. This is what I got:

Beginnings of appearance Sunday. I have thought for the anthems. Tragoyda'me of characteristically ka'lanta Christmas for the season appearance. But exists only a handful of anthems of appearance in the hymnals us. The appearance is precisely not celebrated the way that was. For example, we now use blue antj' purple because we see this season as one from the reflection and repentance.

Thus initial Sunday I go in blog a anthem appearance daily, with the music. I have collected a fair sum, but still AM that it loses roughly 10. Him I will search little further, but prosdoki'ste this in the prayer of morning each morning, Blog a relatively unknown anthem of appearance.

And now Simplified Chinese:
Appears the start on Sunday. I consider the hymn. We typically sing Christmas day Carols appear the season. But has only several to appear the hymn in ours hymnals. It passes is frequently the appearance does not celebrate the way. For example, We now use the blue color to replace the purple because we do not watch this season to take reflects and regretfully realizes one's mistakes.

So starts me on Sunday to go to blog to appear the hymn daily, By music. I have collected the suitable amount, But still in the morning missed approximately 10. I further will study its, But expected prays every morning in the morning, An my will Prime Minister blog to place unknown appearance hymn.

heh heh heh. Funny. Hat tip to Katherine.

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