Wednesday, November 09, 2005

An Open Letter to the Bishops from Rex Matthews

Can be found here. It is a very well articulated argument and discussion of Judgement 1032. Well worth the read.

In his conclusion, he writes:
This open letter represents the thoughts and views of one United Methodist lay person. Mine is only one voice, but I feel compelled to use it in an attempt to say as clearly and cogently as possible why I think Judicial Council Decision 1032 is so misguided in its judgment, so flawed in its reasoning, so wrong in its conclusions, and so dangerous to the Church. I urge you, indeed I implore you, as the episcopal leaders of the Church, to expend every possible effort to ensure that this decision is reconsidered and reversed by the Judicial Council at the earliest possible moment, and if the Judicial Council refuses to reconsider and reverse this decision, to exercise leadership in efforts to overturn it through appropriate legislative enactment at the 2008 General Council.

Dr. Matthews is Visiting Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Candler School of Theology and teaches Wesleyan Theology.

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