Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More Book Stuff

This is the scanner that came with the software. It probably can be used for other applications-- in fact, I am going to order the Windows software, but I haven't tried to use it anywhere other that the Delicious Library software.

Out of about 1500 scans, a full quarter of my books and CDs did not scan -- because they were private labeled (UGA Accidentals don't have a barcode, for instance) or for the books too old for ISBN. Of the ones that scanned, only a handful scanned funny. And a couple scanned really funny -- "Prayer of Jabez" scanned as "Night of the Living Dead." One must wonder if that is a theological commentary....

But the funniest is almost embarassing to mention -- "Lose Weight, Eat Well While Breastfeeding" scanned as "Let's Go On a Picnic." I almost had a "laugh so hard your sides hurt" moment.

I've been using www.abebooks.com for the harder to find books. I found out that "Bunny's Going Out" (one of Chaos' favorite books) is worth on the open market $98.00. And my poetry books are worth more than the theology books. Children's books, Poetry books and Willie Nelson CDs are the "most valuable" portion of my collection. I've WAY more to enter and scan. I've finished all the books that have been floating around and done maybe 4 shelves out of 49. More later.

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