Saturday, November 19, 2005

Delicious Library

I need to organize. So I'm starting with this. There were a couple of other products, but it was the pretty website and the screenshots that did it.

Lookee the widdle pictures! It shows nice little pictures of the book/DVD/CD whatever. And this is $45 less that the second runner-up. And it's like won awards. I'll probably use it to organize the (non-existant as of yet) Church Library. Better than an excel spreadsheet....

Update: It's a Macintosh product that uses the internet to scan almost any media. Just enter the title or ISBN and it looks it up automatically. It requires OS X, but it's so superior to what I've seen in the price range, I may purchase/cobble together an old Mac to run OS X so that I can do this in the church library. There ARE other products -- and probably would be within my price range if I didn't get the fancy-schmancy bluetooth scanner. But the scanner will hold 500 titles/barcodes and you don't have to carry the computer to the books or books to the computer -- when in range it downloads automatically. It was the ease of use that did it for me -- everything you need in one package, including keeping track of borrowers (and their profiles). If there are other books/media of the same vein, it makes suggestions automatically.

When the computer and I aren't in the library, I can printout the book list and put it in a binder....

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