Monday, November 28, 2005

Books, Books, Books

I'm using my new toy. The barcode scanner makes the work go faster -- but there are a significant number of books I own that have no barcode. I have to enter them in one at a time. It is cool that the software looks up the book on Amazon, and cool that I can find an immediate price for the book. This will come in handy if we ever have a disaster -- I can replace my books. My parents always had some sort of home inventory -- maybe I can do that too, when I get time. It's not a bad idea. The least I can do is take pictures of each room and do a rough catalog.

I was shocked at what is considered valuable and what is not -- I didn't know that I owned so many books that are valued at one single copper penny. Books that I love and that I consider good friends. And then there are the books that are worth a lot of money (at least to this person!) -- I have a slender book of poems by Edgar Guest from 1916 that sells for $103. Yet it's worth a lot more to me in some ways -- it was my grandmother's and I read one of the poems at my father's funeral and one at my mother's funeral.

And I supposed I was shocked that the most valuable CDs in my meager collection are the Willie Nelson CDs that were my Dad's. Willie Nelson! (I sit for a moment in stunned silence.)

And the most valuabe movie is a VHS called "12 O'clock High." Wow. Who would have guessed?

I'm going back at it. The "little project to catalog my theology books" has become "the huge project taking over my living room." I swear they are mulitplying.....

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